craft pottery award

Outline of Award

Craft Pottery Award is in respect to the fundamental qualities of working with clay and exploring the nature of creating ordinary clay articles.

The pottery is viewed directly for its qualities as a raw and simple domestic object, not intentionally made decorative or quirky. It is envisioned the wares are handmade by a craftsperson with a free approach to handmade craft pottery, not making any superfluous effort.

There is no emphasis for an entrants prior record of achievements, recognition, awards, or  prestige and privilege.

The entrant does not need to present any credentials, CV, or biography, nor make any professional statement.  The work will be judged on its own merits according to the assessment guidelines.

This does not exclude any variety of pottery design but it is eliminating fanciful or personal embellishments, secondary decoration, or extraneous design.

For more information, and to become an entrant, please read the 'Award Details' page.