craft pottery award

A selection of the images received.

Images from the website


Q: Wonderful news! Just to clarify, am I to choose and post only one piece of pottery from my 3 entries?

A.,A preliminary selection has been made based on the photos. Select one piece which you feel best represents the submission. or if you prefer you can send other pieces as well. But if one piece is representative, and shows the work in a good light, it is unnecessary to send more.

Q:Can you tell me who is judging this award? I assume you, but can’t find that in the AWARD DETAILS.

A.In the CPA, the pottery is an artifact. As we know, an artifact fits into various criteria, according to culture, fashion, history, etc. Judging is a momentary preference, and distorts what is art and craft.

Q:How will the prizes be awarded then? It sounds like there will not be a human involved, rather a mathematical spreadsheet?
A:You could put it that way. An object has characteristics which we are all familiar with.  It is like looking at objects scientifically, not personally, not sentimentally. It is the maker working with technical understanding for objects made of clay, but is not  working with ideas, with knowledge, with concepts. How well the nature of the object shows these characteristics will determine its merit.  It is not about what is known. It is not a personal evaluation.